Speech at dangriga by BGIP leader Luis Blas Mendez Sr. (read by Mateo Polanco)



In Belize we are living as the parable as when three servants were given talents, one was given five talents, another two, and to another one; to each according to his several ability.  Straightway he that received the five talents went and traded with them, and made other five talents.

In like manner he also that received the two gained other two.

But he that received the one went away and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money.

To all who multiplied the talents they were told, Well done.

But the one that return it was told that at least he should have put it  in the Bank to gain interest. You know the rest of the story.

PUDP or the blue and red party have hidden the talent the people gave them to govern since the year 2000, none have multiplied it. Some have it hidden in foreign banks, some in their own property, or their sweetheart property.

We need an alternative that multiplies the talents God gave Belize, for our debts are increasing so are our children, we are going nowhere with the PUDP.

Belize as a nation needs a strong profile in its strategically strong symbolic regional presence... IN DOING SO We shall move away from faint copies, as ways and means that vary and go along with the International view and have NO LEADERSHIP. There must be an inter-whining balance with the ECONOMIC GROWTH AND EQUALITY in order to reduce Poverty.

The eternal GOB discourse since the 2000's has had essential impurities. BGIP openly declares that we intends to bypass the gridlocked of Belize 2 party system that has us going in circles and just enriching a few. We shall push and break any mafia circle to get things done on our own green and independent way. We defy the PUDP EXECUTIVE authority that has ruined us. 
WE SHALL CHANGE HOW POWERFUL POLITICAL ORGANS OPERATE AT PRESENT, WHERE DECENT PEOPLE GO IN CIRCLE TO GET THEIR FAIR SHARE OF THE NATIONS’ WEALTH AND WE SHALL MAKE OUR DECENT PEOPLE HAVE THE FOOD AS BIG AS THEIR HUNGER... by potentially increase what we buy for lunch on daily basis.  We shall deal closely how our kids learn mathematics and science and how they increase their talents. If we have to abolish all amendments to the constitution and formulate a big amendment, we shall do it, in order to enact some economically significant regulations in the banking system and push the energy industry away from oil and toward green alternatives…

Our youth when graduated shall meet Institutionalized normal jobs.

Since we are not advancing in our economy and our social justice, we definitely are moving backwards. Rosewood collusion, SIF scandal, DFC houses give away, etc etc, only expresses the deterioration of our system on the red GOB side.. We want to get rid of blue an red completely, the whole system is completely out of focus. We need a new direction. There is too much loop holes in the system. Belize needs NEW high morale institutions to safe guard our incipient democracy and strengthen our social justice edification for future generations for its rest of our existence...


-Violence reduced it to half in 5 yrs. Relocation of gangs to Guatemalan Xate bandits area.

 - BGIP shall pay Lord Ashcroft less than 50% to hold that portion as GOB Shares and shall entitle Lord Ashcroft also less than 50% ownership. The remaining shares shall be of private Belizean investors and BTL workers. We believe in a mix economy where private foreign investment and private national investment are mix with GOB investment participation...

-Increase in representation in the house of representatives should be automatically every 5yrs, without gerrymandering.

 -The judiciary should be lifted of some burden and let Mayors have a roll in local case. 10yrs

-We shall build a fence from Aguas Turbias to Gracias a Dios markers that signify Belize's border with Guatemala according to both nations.


-Education increase to 99% LITERACY in 10 yrs time frame through TV free programs and make exams biweekly on community centers. Vocational school shall be increase in all districts. BGIP, condemns the present system of EDUCATION, (not the teachers). We find that the present system of Education has produced a vast belizean population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. That's why, the more we open a school door nationally, the more cells are needed to be available in the Hattie-vile prison. 
Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message. How can teachers have this with the meager salary that increases 4% after decades of struggle through BNTU.?
-BNTU shall have a seat in the National Heath & Education Development Plan.
The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure that the innocence of our children has since birth. 
Our future is our children. BGIP is to restore Belize present dilapidated system for future generations... We are for spiritual education which is to provide leading resources, expert voices, and an active forum for ethical growth and spiritual development in academically rigorous schools. We shall nurture ethically rigorous and spiritually grounded citizens for tomorrow's world. We shall put schools focus programs for maximum effectiveness in light of moral, ethical, and spiritual goals as:-
-Advisory and community service programs
-Character /ethical development initiatives
-Student leadership programs
-World religions courses
-Spiritual development initiatives... etc etc.

-Secular Government in 5 year as we increase alphabet-ism.

-University of Belize branches for first 3yrs study in Orange walk/Corozal and Toledo/Stann Creek in 15yrs.

-High school graduates must be reached to 80% of the population in 20 yrs.


-Connect Cayo and Orange Walk WITH A HIGHWAY, connect Toledo with Puerto Barrios and expand inland tourism in 10 yrs time.

-Belize Integrity and dignity shall be institutionalized. Vote NO to ICJ and Demand Guatemala to recognize Belize in 15 yrs.

-3 agro-processing industries in Cayo (fruits and Vegetables), Dangriga ( corn and Casava) and Punta Gorda ((Papaya syrup and livestock) in 15 yrs.

-Erect an oil refinery and increase it till it gives us 100 million/yr income. DONE in 20 yrs.

-Belizean for healthy life by 2 yrs obligatory military or in default a penalty of $20,000.

-BEL is to increase its capacity by biomass/wind/solar by BGIP of 60 MW (600 Million) for all districts in 10 yrs. This 60 MW is to remove Mexico from importing in Belize. -Erection of Dry canal across Belize and Guatemala or Belize/mexico to pacific. It shall be done in no more than 25 yrs.

We know that there is no credibility in BELIZE blue-red GOB and the INDEPENDENTS will bring renew image to our National prestige... "This is not the reality that George Price "The Father of the Nation" would have wanted for Belize, since midst 90's to now. Neither Phylipp Goldson would want it.  After giving to George Price a verbal report of the magnitude of Guatemala's invasion and Scotland Yard was also brief. HE had a scheme with England to invade Guatemala by aiding the guerrilla movement he presented it to me and gave me, discretionary authority mandate to say in his name whatever was reasonable due to his trust. He gave me a vision just as Don Hector Silva was told by him. But co-leading with him behind the scenes till 1989 re-election. (he was suppose to win in 1984). 

Since Luois Sylvester and his advocate Glen Godfrey vrs Said Musa and his advocate Asad Shoman, in the blue its like living in hell... Same goes From Dean Lindo to its nephew Dean Barrow in the red nepotism side.

Ideologically we in BGIP are like this:- " When we are right we cannot be too radical; when we are wrong, we cannot be too conservative."

A Leader of poor Character is a leader who can't fight for his country, for lack of character or integrity makes you DON'T endure the test of time. THEREFORE, BELIZE AS A NATION WILL SUCCUMB COMPLETELY AS IT HAS SHOWN NO CHARACTER ON SIGNING THE COMPROMIS WITH GUATEMALA TO SLICE UP BELIZE.

LET's unite.

We need Unity to our new direction as a nation in the region...

We shall be a " NEW HONG KONG IN THE AMERICAS." We know, our dreams of comfort and plenitude is our aspirations. That the children of our children have a clear certainty that they will make it in life. Let’s unite in the dream of prosperity.

The whole idea, is that BGIP would be seeking to transform Belize into a Spartan/Athens type nation and enhance Belize in its international image far more of what the Belize revolution took it. 

 Renewable projects could make a new venture in Belize that can be provided from USA, Canada and Europe and even China.


–BGIP- shall create a Commission of Truth so as to create national Unity and make our children start to grow within nationalism under God as our Constitution calls for. The objectives of the ‘Commission of Truth’ will be to promote national unity and reconciliation in a spirit of understanding which transcends the conflicts and divisions of the past


Dr Gale’s report clearly states after its research paid by the government of Belize, that 80% of our national economy is linked to the pocket of an elite of 4% of our population and lives splendidly as a copula-elite in the present government and the Royal Opposition.

The representation is also incoherent with our house of representatives. Belize City has 20% of the population and has almost 35% of the seats at the house and with all the powerful ministries while the outdistricts with 80% of the population only has around 65% of the seats at the house and are given only rubber stamps ministries.

The elite that took us to Independence and are the Royal Opposition at  present acted in a retrograde way with this ICJ signature with Guatemala, to lawfully turn our bilateral Independence with England who still controls half of Belize’ sovereignty into a possible TRILATERAL INDEPENDENCE. That signature that the serpent of Godfrey Smith and Assad Shoman sign around 2005 which was the framework agreement it compromised our sovereignty and slowly created the twist that bend us into a possible tri-lateral Independence if we vote YES in the ICJ referendum. This is how our sovereignty has  been twisted, bent and deviated by these men in power.

THEY HAVE TURN OUR ECONOMICS ACTIVITIES AWAY FROM ITS ORIGNS. Gang culture governs upon citizen culture.

No government security officer has now the morality and ethical behavior or patriotic composure to safeguard Belize better than we the people. WE SHALL take in our shoulders the responsibility to safe our dignity that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mention to me at a private gathering in Caracas. I will make sure that the Venezuela’s funds is not disbursed as political gimmicks as the PUDP have done incorrectly. That is the only secret agreement GOB hasn’t obeyed. We should increase our trade and industry with Venezuela and start to think positively for the Benefit of all Belizeans.

I dislike that evil agreement the blue had on the health scheme that would only benefit a few ‘blue eye compadres’ by raking for themselves gigantic profits. BGIP is completely towards the direction of responding for clear judicial definitions that are deducted from all rightful general concepts we have achieved. We have the right answer to respond to our economic history of our national movement, that started with the People’s Committee and went political to achieve an independence, that, since then governs us erroneously.


Our new re-education revolution has just started. Our new industrial job creating revolution has just began. May God help us in this endeavor. Let the light of his divine wisdom direct our plans and endeavors so that with his help we may attain our just objectives. With his guidance, may all our endeavors tend to peace, social justice, liberty, national happiness. The increase of industry, sobriety and useful knowledge.


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