. Patriots, I am ready to ignite the movement towards our growth and prosperity. So help me God.!!

"I have lived inside the monster and know its guts; and my sling is the sling of David." Jose Marti
Jose Marti was a Leader of the Cuban independence movement. He is revered as a great national hero, and often referred to as El Apostol de la Independencia Cubana, he lived in USA and knew its institutions and government model. His ideas defeated imperialism and Fidel reinforced such ideas. I claim the same of Guatemala and anybody from Belize that graduated from the University of Guatemala can say the same. But who is daily dedicated to it is the only revolutionary force that can put a stop to Guatemala. I am sure that nobody that is graduated from that Alma Matter was consciously everyday ready to learn from that nation its daily operations as I did. For the Father of the Nation assign me that job from I was 17 years old at the MCC Grounds in 1975 where the PUP was celebrating its '25 years of struggle and Achievement'. Since then I have studied, restudied and restudied to know Guatemala as our camaraderie friend Don Jose Mart knew USA which he called a monster. Patriots, I am ready to ignite the movement towards our grandeur, towards growth and prosperity for all Belizeans. So help me God.!!

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