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This is only a draft of brainstorm ideas.

PREAMBLE Belize as a nation needs a strong profile in its strategically strong symbolic regional presence. Belize should be the Icon that reflects balance of regional social justice and stability in the Central America. Our institutions can give this but needs refinement and deleting of loopholes. OUR Regional Leadership State, shall impose conceptual innovations to reduce poverty as Bolivia, Peru and Chile that have micro-finance, Institutionalization and an Information System GENERATION. We shall move away from faint copies as ways and means that vary and go along with the International view and have no Leadership. There must be an inter-wining balance with the ECONOMIC GROWTH AND EQUALITY in order to reduce Poverty.


The eternal GOB discourse since the 80's has had essential impurities. Belize our so called Jewel, is like a dream and the treasures of it are an alluring mirage! Our political reality opaques our environment. Our social living is like things that have no reality in themselves as irony. The conscious feel pain with great repression. Let's change this once and for all. With our energetic innovated conceptual formula to balance social and economical policies, we shall eliminate the the chronic incapacity of our National Economy to generate jobs, which is a social debt.

BGIP openly declares that we intends to bypass the gridlocked of Belize 2 party system that has us going in circles and just enriching a few that have the inner connections in PUDP. The Belizean populace has been lobotomized. Their mental and emotional capacity has been reduced. They cannot function due to bribe, alms, bad dependency and robotic vocational education Up to UB. Titanic reforms are needed In a re-education, opening up the economic structure, better legislative representation, enreach judiciary independence, and abolish executive Dictatorship. The check and balance doesnt exist. We shall push and break any mafia circle to get things done on our own green and independent way. We defy the executive PUDP authority that has ruined us. 
An in-depth examination of the BLUE/RED administration’s avaricious actions and plans historically shows openly a collusion mafia structure compose of agencies controlled by another higher agency closer to the PUDP Politician. We can detect how a regulation is governed by another regulation that is close to the CABINET. This highest organism that the blue/red Prime Minister chairs reveals an executive power play that’s broad and bold — and intensely inclement in its rapacious predator manner.
We shall master and humble the Cabinet to the people’s will and eradicate its inner mafia that exists at that level and dredge out with powerful shovels all filth so as to advance policies that make sense to the needy. WE SHALL CHANGE HOW POWERFUL POLITICAL ORGANS OPERATE AT PRESENT, WHERE DECENT PEOPLE GO IN CIRCLE TO GET THEIR FAIR SHARE OF THE NATIONS’ WEALTH AND WE SHALL MAKE OUR DECENT PEOPLE HAVE THE FOOD AS BIG AS THEIR HUNGER...

We shall change how power political GOB structures operate. And potentially increase what we buy for lunch on daily basis. We shall have a better and cheaper transporting system so as to travel to work in complacency. We shall deal closely how our kids learn mathematics and science and how they increase their talents. We shall reformulate how our gasoline is formulated and protect our reefs. If we have to abolish all amendments to the constitution and formulate a big one to amendment we shall do it, in order to enact some economically significant regulations in the banking system and push the energy industry away from oil and toward green alternatives…

Our youth when graduated shall meet Institutionalized normal jobs.

Its through the creation of Jobs that you can notice the balance of GOB social and economical policies, where the economical apparatus can generate jobs as the quantities of Graduates every year. Some Towns are completely abandon by the present system, our system should mature an output to redistribution by the protection of the social braid. This will reduce poverty due to its brand new institutions, micro-finance and systematic generation of information to the region. We will move away of the imitations of the Inter-nationality that has give no regional Leadership. We shall have a regional Leadership with this advance socio-economic formula with our energetic innovated conceptual formula to balance social and economical policies in economic growth and inequality. In Belize BGIP has it crystal clear. Since we are not advancing in our economy and our social justice, we definitely are moving backwards. Rosewood collusion, SIF scandal, DFC houses give away, etc etc, only expresses the deterioration of or system on the red GOB side.. Then the secret agreements courts vehement rule against former blue PM Musa that links infamous Fonseca as his Attorney General in this evil retrograde scheme are the multiple cases that obliterate our reality completely to stone age morality. Due to respect of our youths, we in BGIP do not applaud Elvin Penner resignation. We want to get rid of blue an red completely, the whole system is completely out of focus. We need a new direction. There is too much loop holes in the system. Belize needs NEW high morale institutions to safe guard our incipient democracy and strengthen our social justice edification for future generations for its rest of our existence...

THE PLAN OF THE NEW BELIZE.... -Violence reduced it to half in 5 yrs. Relocation of gangs to Guatemalan Xate bandits area. - We believe in a mix economy where private foreign investment and private national investment are mix with GOB investment participation...-Increase in representation in the house of representatives should be automatically every 5yrs, without gerrymandering. -The judiciary should be lifted of some burden and let Mayors have a roll in local case. 10yrs


-Education increase to 99% LITERACY in 10 yrs time frame through TV free programs and make exams biweekly on community centers. Vocational school shall be increase in all districts. Belize Green Independent Party BGIP, condemns the present system of EDUCATION, (not the teachers). We find that the present system of Education has produced a vast belizean population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. That's why the more we open a school door nationally, the more cells are needed to be available in the Hattie-vile prison. 
Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message. How can teachers have this with the meager salary that increases 4% after decades of struggle through BNTU.?
-BNTU shall have a seat in the National Heath & Education Development Plan.
The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure that the innocence of our children has since birth. 
The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change, hence the essence of BGIP. To BGIP, education is to make our educational laws strict so as to have our criminal ones far more gentle; so as to have discipline pupil's soul to enlighten our nation morale for a better Belize. e must not forget that one test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.
Our future is our children. BGIP is to restore Belize present dilapidated system for future generations... We are for spiritual education which is is to provide leading resources, expert voices, and an active forum for ethical growth and spiritual development in academically rigorous schools. We shall nurture ethically rigorous and spiritually grounded citizens for tomorrow's world. We shall put schools focus programs for maximum effectiveness in light of moral, ethical, and spiritual goals as:-
-Advisory and community service programs
-Character /ethical development initiatives
-Student leadership programs
-World religions courses
-Spiritual development initiatives... etc etc.

-Secular Government in 5 year as we increase alphabet-ism.

-University of Belize branches for first 3yrs study in Orange walk/Corozal and Toledo/Stann Creek in 15yrs.

-High school graduates must be reached to 80% of the population in 20 yrs.


-Connect Cayo and Orange Walk WITH A HIGHWAY, connect Toledo with Puerto Barrios and expand inland tourism in 10 yrs time.

-Belize Integrity and dignity shall be institutionalized. Vote NO to ICJ and Demand Guatemala to recognize Belize. 15 yrs. -3 agro-processing industries in Cayo (fruits and Vegetables), Dangriga ( corn and Casava) and Punta Gorda ((Papaya syrup and livestock) in 15 yrs.

-Expand our cruise ship operations and ports in 15 years and increase trainings services fo such industries in all its categories.

-Erect a oil refinery and increase it till it gives us 100 million/yr income in 20 yrs.

-Belizean for healthy life by 2 yrs obligatory military or in default a penalty of $20,000.

-BEL is to increase its capacity by biomass/wind/solar by BGIP of 60-65 MW (600 Million) for all districts in 10 yrs. This 60 65 MW is to remove Mexico from importing in Belize. -Erection of Dry canal across Belize and Guatemala or Belize/mexico to pacific. It shall be done in no more than 25 yrs along with the parameters of the QEG Project (The Quantum Energy Generator(QEG) is an opensourced (PATENT FREE!) potentially fuel-less generator prototype based on a public domain patented invention of Nikola Tesla. The type of energy that is utilized by the QEG design is different than that of a conventional generator. Once co-development is complete, the generator is designed to be highly efficient and power your home). 

We shall have an accommodation agreement with Globalization.

There are 6 main influences of dependency in our culture, 5 from the old world and one being native: Africans (slaves tru England, tru USA and Garifunas), Asians (Indians and Chinese), Spaniards (tru Central America and Mexico), Middle Eastern (Lebanese, Palestinians, and Libyans) Europeans/Americans (tru England, USA, low lands of Holland and Northern German -Mennonites-) and natives. Within this concept to expand and since we respect them (globalization) and accept them as Leaders of this Hemisphere, they at the same must claim we shall co-lead this area with our 'dry canal' and all Central Americans can come and unload their stuff at Honduras/Belize and send it to the Pacific Rim or Europe at the 'high speed transport system' of Belize Dry Canal that shall substitute the 'slow panama canal.' Our will would be as strong as it takes to be what we want. Our Freedom, our Sovereignty and Independence shall never be touched. Belizeans God Loves you, you should love yourself and make God smile that he is proud of you that have dignity and honor. We will be the democratic example of the region by clearly be in Charge of Governance and Justice which is our role at CARICOM. Therefore CARICOM nations thru Belize  shall have the leading rol on the Central American and caribbean nations association. Belize shall be a both-ways swing door towards Caribbean nations and Central American Nations. If USA do not treat us as cousins through motherland England and continue supporting a nation as Guatemala that is against its blood brother Belize and consequently against the CARICOM nation. We have to defend ourselves and strong the Leadership with an association to Europe through England. Belize shall increase its exportation and along will come its increase in income. We have a Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago disrespecting Belize post of our Quasi government at CARICOM. 
In this scenario we have our brand new BGIP springing out with a regional concept that we shall be a nation that has a clear direction with its own economic regional leadership. We should understand that our Economic Independence is based on a world order of interest upon loans. Belize super-bond was brought down insignificantly to 6.788%. Belize Green Independent Party -BGIP- will bring down further such debts to 4-5% and increase the years 2060. Belize is living in a DELIRIUM; we have an Amandala awakening from a UBAD nightmare and entering to another nightmare dream still to define. We HAVE a Dean portraying he is clean, hitting nastily to women tru Finnegan. We have a blue believing they might win and elbowing out whom they don’t like from an empty plate yet not serve. We have a Police Force saying ‘YEAH’ to gangs/criminals trying not to get fired and respecting “Lucifer Barrow’s gang truce.” We have a disgruntled UNIBAM spell bind by PUDP and abandon in the lobby room. We have BNTU vilely treason of a senator seat by Barrow and twisted to link to a fake PAC reform to revamp the unfulfilled negotiated Senator seat in a next way. We have an accorded PUDP truce to have early conventions and deliver some bribes to keep the populace calm and prevent a social upheaval. The PUDP have a blue/red mafia that screens the new politicians and trains them to be mafiosi. The system is rotten and it is useless to bring in more innocent politicians to be slaughtered mentally and turn into new malignant tumor.
And last but not least, we have a Belize Green Independent Party –BGIP- growing and growing and soon shall flip the coin next side and move from DELIRIUM TO REALITY.

We know that there is no credibility in BELIZE blue-red GOB and the Green Party will bring renew image to our National prestige... Today nobody want to talk with Belize due to his erroneous behavior of handling appropriately our foreign debts. It is clear our Belizean reality of law is so unreal its more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. The PUDP has impregnated in Belizean brain intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that has them subjugated and has lasted a whole generation. BUT BGIP claims that stone crumbles. wood rots. People, well, they die. But things are as fragile as a thought. Party Leader Luis Blas Mendez Sr. on our mirage reality said:- "This is not the reality that George Price "The Father of the Nation" would have wanted for Belize, since midst 90's to now. After giving to George Price a verbal report of the magnitude of Guatemala's invasion and Scotland Yard was also brief. And his scheme with England to invade Guatemala by aiding the guerrilla movement presented to me and giving me later to me discretionary authority mandate to say in his name whatever was reasonable due to his trust. He gave me a vision just as Don Hector Silva was told by him. But co-leading with him behind the scenes till 1989 re-election. (he was suppose to win in 1984). Since Luois Sylvester and his devil advocate Glen Godfrey vrs Said Musa and his devil Asad Shoman, in the blue its like living in hell... Same goes From Dean Lindo to its nephew Dean Barrow in the red nepotism side. Ideologcally BGIP is like this:- "Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face but Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side. Therefore an altruistic mind does enhances liberal ideas. When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative."

 With the PUDP who have destroyed most of our jewel preambles from God as maximum leader to our Belizean nationhood that is undignified we should prepare our children and prepared our-self for the worst, but hope for the best in this venue of a third alternative..
We shall celebrate our September holidays with 'ganas' and with a debt free economy.

Guatemala will be dealt with also to wake up the Belizeans against the ICJ agreement. Belize greatness since the Belizean movement in the 1950's was that of keeping our dollar strong hence strongs that our national identity was strong to be a nation. We achieved it and we have always maintained that all countries, big or small, rich or poor, strong or weak, are equal members of the international community. This community of non-alignment movement gave in votes at UN and they kept that stand and speak in the world as such. Now Belize through Sedi Erlinghton claimed at the Bliss Institute that Guatemala too big we must bend down and kneel to its hugeness. There is treason in all this secrete agreements and procedures of GOB/Royal Opposition with Guatemala. Journalist in Belize don't say anything, because their capacity is limited to understand the clever deal behind the scenes. So the media is just the echo ...of Belize 'treasonous era'. BGIP believes that Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is a dependent territory, which PUDP insert Belize into by ICJ Compromis, super-bond, nation invasion of xateros, smugglers, thiefs and bandits etc. We shall build a fence from Aguas Turbias to Gracias a Dios markers that signify Belize's border with Guatemala according to both nations.

A Leader poor in Character is a leader who can't fight for his country, for lack of character or integrity makes you DON'T endure the test of time. THEREFORE BELIZE AS A NATION WILL SUCCUMB COMPLETELY AS IT HAS SHOWN NO CHARACTER ON SIGNING TO COMPROMIS WITH GUATEMALA TO SLICE UP BELIZE. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, affable, persuasive, or savvy a person is, if they are prone to rationalizing unethical behavior based upon current or future needs as PUDP DOES IN THIS AGREEMENT, they will eventually fall prey to their own undoing…

Books and books of treason can be written but the writers write more against 'INDIVIDUALS' ETC. But don't defend our nation's dignity. When shall we be Free, Sovereign and Independent with this type of thinking? Our regional plan is to erect a dry canal trough Belize Guatemala and short cut that long trip the eastern cities of USA to take trough Panama canal its products. We shall make Canada and Australia get more involve along with United Kingdom. This 3 countries will persuade USA to let Guatemala go along with we, That will bring Belize regional strong leadership. Fear, conformity, immorality, deception: these are heavy burdens Belizeans have by accepting our system. That's why Belize is drained out of its creative energy. And when we are drained of creative energy, we do not create. We procreate, but we do not create.

We should dissent as a society from the deceivers. Has there ever been a society which has died of dissent? Several have died of conformity in our lifetime worldwide as Belize. We don't need just a radical overhaul to our system but a reality restructure of Belize-ans mentality. We are all philosophers but can't agree on a national philosophy. The first step to this end is to develop peace and goodwill within our borders, by training our youth of both sexes to its practice as their habit of life, so that the jealousies of town against town, class against class and sect against sect no longer exist; and then to extend this good feeling beyond our frontiers towards our neighbors. Progressives Belizeans have have been on the defense for too long with in Belize party politics. It is time for Progressives Nationalist Belizeans to stand up loudly and proudly for their ideology. It's time to go on the offensive! Planet earth has no political frontiers in it's beauty, isolation and fragility. Within space with a thin atmosphere around it exposes how we should be as humans. Political rivalries are foolish and mean to this Godly reality. Rivalry advances us but cooperation which is durable is hard to turn on. Let's unite.

Unity to our new direction as a nation in the region...

We in Belize shall/should excel from the Social Sins if we want to live in a more just nation. We have to start to create growth by exploring more our natural wealth untold. And commercialize these excess products with higher moral standards and be competitive in our productivity.
By being so, we shall overcome the bad perception the international community have of Belize which today it strongly lacks of principles in our political practice. Since transparency and accountability is not just a hear so but should have a character and conscience, we should struggle and mature the knowledge conscientiously and feel the pleasure of having gone beyond the want, beyond consumerism.
We must increase our scientific human approach as we push in our faith that hopefully rest under God Almighty.

When united all as Belizeans, Guatemala shall be invited to surrender to unity or be ridiculed and the spring out of the peasant to freedom is inevitable. Guatemala will surrender to Belize ideological stand as USA. USA has pause its growth, BGIP foreign interdependence policy can stabilize that nation for 500 yrs more. We shall take our lungs, muscles and brain to advance are our National Integral Position. We shall be a " NEW HONG KONG IN THE AMERICAS." We know our dreams of comfort and plenitude is our aspirations. That the children of our children have a clear certainty that they will make it in life. Let’s unite in the dream of prosperity.

Our Party Leader knew George Price intimately in his objectives towards Belize and because President Hugo Chavez told him about a clear definition of the dignity of Belize and Chavez advisers told him a way to enhance Venezuela thru United Kingdom. Renewable projects could give a breakthrough on USA-Venezuela renewal relationship but such relationship would have to link United Kingdom.  BGIP has already contact Elizabeth May Leader of Canada green party and Caroline Lucas at United Kingdom, Green MP for Briton Pavilion, BGIP is still seeking alliances, BGIP wants a Honduras-Belize-Guatemala industrialization in a green plan and with Belize seat at CARICOM exercising its leadership of Governance and Justice in Caricom's quasi governance. The whole idea is that BGIP would be seeking to transform Belize into a Spartan/Athens type nation and enhance Belize in its international image far more of what the Belize revolution took it. 

 Renewable projects could make a new venture in Belize that can be provided from USA, Canada and Europe and even China. The in and outs of give and take would be our Party Leader mature power persuasion he exercises on this tpye big stuff negotiations. Venezuela doesn't wants this type of alliances but Mr Mendez would triangulate a tri-national joint committee for such initiative with Commonwealth nations to chair it.

Let’s tread softly because we are treading on the future of our children’s children. So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains of political dominion and we never even know we have the key.The imagination exercises a powerful influence over every act of sense, thought, reason, over every idea. Imagination is more important than knowledge even though the essential thing is not knowledge, but character. With a strong enthusiastic character we shall overcome the political entanglement we are living.


Belize Green Independent Party –BGIP- shall create a Commission of Truth so as to create national Unity and make our children start to grow within nationalism under God as our Constitution calls for. The objectives of the ‘Commission of Truth’ will be to promote national unity and reconciliation in a spirit of understanding which transcends the conflicts and divisions of the past by:
1. Establishing as complete a picture as possible of the causes, nature and extent of the gross violations of human rights which were committed during the period post Independence to the cut-off date including the antecedents, circumstances, factors and context of such violations, as well as the perspectives of the victims and the motives and perspectives of the persons responsible for committing such violations, by conducting investigations and holding hearings;
2. Establishing and making known the fate or whereabouts of victims and restoring the human and civil dignity of such victims by granting them an opportunity to relate their own accounts of the violations of which they are the victims, and recommending reparation measures in respect of them;
3. Compiling a report providing as comprehensive an account as possible of the activities and findings of the Commission and containing recommendations of measures to create a nation of honor, dignity and social justice.

DONATE :-Belize Bank - S.I. account # 260173

Yes, drugs should be legalized BGIP believe that drugs are positive here is why
Cannabis has been used for over 10,000 years and not one single death has EVER been recorded.
• It is not addictive and is actually far less addictive than caffeine
• If legalized, far less more minors would be using Cannabis
or weed would be sold in stores, valid ID must be given and the user must be at least 21 years of age. After customers start buying from these weed dispensaries, drug dealers would vanish and the ones that stick around would be most likely dealing hard drugs
• Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it cures and prevents Alzheimer and Glaucoma, helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, slows down tumor growth, and helps relieve pain for chemo/radiation therapy patients as well.
• If legalized, marijuana can be taxed which would produce billions of dollars annually in profit which in turn would help our nation get out of debt. Cannabis farms can be set up as well, and growing and harvesting marijuana can become a profession thus lowering the unemployment rate.
• Does not lead to or cause lung cancer.

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Count me in my BROTHER............


How can I help Blas...?


Hi Tim, Kindly recomend me here...


I need in renewable 50 MWH (US$250 millions), to substitute mexico energy input in belize...


Wind Power refers to using wind turbines to generate electricity. As an example, according to the Central America Wind Resource Map, it was estimated that Belize has approximately 3,500 square miles of offshore marine water area with moderate-to-excellent wind resource up to 70 miles off the coastline. (source: Belize National Energy Policy Framework 2011)

Solar Power refers to the capturing and conversion of sunlight to produce electricity. According to the Central America Solar Map, about 65% of Belize’s land area receives 5.0 to 5.5 Kilowatt hours (KWh) per square meter of sunshine per day (source: Belize National Energy Policy Framework 2011). To put this in context, using a 60-watt light bulb for one hour would consume 0.06 kilowatt hours of energy. By the same token, 5.0 KWh would allow for at least 83 hours of energy for this light bulb.

Luis we can get you all the power Belize needs. It all comes down to who is going to finance the project

and what source of electricity is chosen. It is sad that the Belizean goverment is not able to do this andthat BEL is not looking forward with wise investing in the future of Belize. If solar is chosen of course the energy that is needed at night will not be available. Wind also has its drawbacks. The smartest option these types of situations is a calculated mix of sources. i.e. If the sun is not shining many times the wind is blowing.

One option for BEL would be to go into an interconnection agreement with Mexico where as Belize could produce power as the natural power source is available i.e. wind, sun, biomass in excess of what it is using and then the power it pulls from Mexico when the power is not available and hopefully offset any cost to Belize. As you probably know this is a very complicated issue that cannot be resolved in  1 week, 1 month or probably 1 year. It will take a strong commitment from the Ruling government to bring Belize to energy independence that will have to become a long term policy....!

I will take the time, for you my brother, to review the National Energy Policy document. I will not be able to do a whole lot of calculations or advanced analysis but can get a clear picture of the framework.

Find attached in the upload files some wonderful Swiss made Solar Products that i am trying to be the vendor for all the Americas. Including Central America. These type of products could very well be

the answer to what Belize really needs because you don't have to build and maintain the Long runs of

Electricity transmission cable through jungles, swamps and such.... It also take out the corruption

of the system that owns electricity....!




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